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On-demand solutions

Creation of Multiplatform Apps

Make processes simpler, faster and more efficient by bringing your operations to the palm of your client or team.

Creation of Web Systems

Make manual processes simpler, faster and more efficient, such as: customer registration, orders, document management, calculations, stock, etc.

Creation of Embedded Software / IoT

We also develop software for automation devices, minicomputers and the like, such as: Arduino, Raspberry PI, PLCs, ESP32, among others.

Linux web hosting

Resources your website needs to grow.
Host your website or blog using the power of Nginx with microcache!

Integrations between Systems

We create custom integrations for the most different types of systems. Ex.: Your website with Carro do Povo, your website with OLX, your telephone exchange with your system, your system with industrial automation, etc.

Independent projects

Accept Header Interpreter

Validate and interpret the contents of the Accept header in accordance with RFC 7231, section 5.3.1 and 5.3.2

Laravel API Response Formatter

A simple and fast library that displays responses in various formats, according to the Accept header entered by the user.

Laravel Decimal Locale

Convert the attributes of one Laravel Model to the decimal format of another location.

Laravel Environment

Upload a custom .env file according to your environment.

Laravel Formatter

A package that allows you to convert your data into various formats such as JSON, XML, CSV and YAML.

Simple Image and Video Gallery

A WordPress plugin to link YouTube images and videos to your posts.

Google woman voice

Create funny lines with the voice of a woman from Google and share with your friends!


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